Universal Camera Strap - A Camera Strap for Any Camera

I have bought a lot of used cameras over the years and most of them are missing camera straps! I like to let go of my camera after shooting and let it dangle from my neck or wrist. This way I have my hands free to do other things and I don't have to worry about dropping my camera. It is also easily accessible when I need to take a quick shot!

Many vintage cameras don't have a place to attach a strap and rely on a case that wraps around the entire body of the camera. These can be very bulky, uncomfortable in the hands, and frankly make shooting more difficult, at least for me.

One of my go-to straps is the small wrist strap, like the one in the video. I use it on all of my point and shoot cameras and usually have an extra in my purse in case I need a backup. It is small, comfortable, lightweight and does not cause my wrist any stress. It is also easy to transfer from camera to camera. What makes this strap so universal is the fact that it screws into the tripod mount of the camera body. Most cameras will have this feature, even vintage and point and shoot cameras!

You can purchase these straps on Amazon (affiliate link). They have options for wrist and/or neck straps and normally come in packs for a really great price. They are not super fancy, but they get the job done!