Magazine Collages

I had the opportunity to volunteer at the local hospital for Art in the Lobby. I was setup at a table in the hospital waiting room and people could join me in creating art while they waited for their loved ones. My typical mediums were instantly taken off the table (oil paints are too smelly and photography is not possible due to privacy policy) so I turned to something atypical and easy to do, collages.

Collaging is a great way to practice your design skills, create interesting narratives, practice color theory, explore interesting compositions, explore new themes...on and on. A finished collage could also function as a mood board, or inspiration board, for future work you might create! It is great for all ages and does not take an "artistic" person to make one. As long as you can tear paper and use a glue stick, you can collage! 

I was able to get 6-8 magazines from the local Goodwill for a whopping $0.49 each! I went through each page and cut out things that caught my eye. Once I had a stack of imagery, I spread it all out and grouped images/colors that worked well together. Lastly, I arranged a composition and glued down each piece once it was in the perfect spot. Below are the pieces I created while at the hospital. Click to enlarge!

Nicole GelinasComment