Framing Small Art with Big Impact

So, you have purchased a little, teeny, tiny piece of art. It is perfect and everything you have been looking for is rather small. Now what? How do you display this little gem with all the glory it deserves? Believe it or not, small artwork can have a large impact being displayed on the wall. The solution: opt for an oversized mat and frame.

A large mat will give the viewers eye plenty of breathing room around the image. This space draws the eye straight to the art by creating a focal point inside of the frame.

Source Unknown

Source Unknown

This is also a great way to make small art fit into ANY space. Maybe the budget doesn't allow for an 18x18in piece of art that would fit perfectly in that 20x20" space, but you can afford a 4x4" piece of art. Don't let the small size of the piece stop you! This framing look could be your best bet. All you have to do is get an 18x18" frame and mat the 4x4" image inside of it. Voila! Perfect fit! Small art in a large space.

Seriously, doesn't this look so chic and expensive!? It is really easy to recreate and is very contemporary. You can also change the style by using a more ornate or distressed frame. This look is very flexible.

Bonus tip: Notice in the second image, it is possible to change the orientation too! The photo of the mountain is horizontal, but the frame is vertical. Again, a great way to really customize your wall according to the space you have available.

Nicole Gelinas2 Comments