Opening Friday, April 7th is a group art exhibition hosted by Artists' Edge in Poulsbo, Washington. In their newly renovated gallery space will be 65 original artworks all inspired by water. I will be showing three paintings, including the one pictured below, along with two pieces from my Melancholy Winter series. The exhibition will run until May 31st, so be sure and check it out if you are in town.


One of A Kind Fine Art Photography Prints: An Experiment in Originality

Being a painter, your original work is always a one-of-a-kind piece and that is what makes it so special. Even if the artist were to paint the same scene or person for a second time, they would never be able to match it exactly. 

With fine art photography one image is printed several times and each print looks exactly like the other. The photographer makes edition prints as a way to limit the number of works available. The lower number of prints made the more desirable the image will be for collectors. For example, the photographer may only make 10 prints of the same image, and each of those 10 are exactly the same except for the edition number (1/10, 2/10, 3/10, etc...until you reach 10/10).

I wanted to come up with a way to make one-of-a-kind photographic prints of the same image. To do this, I will use the same photo multiple times, but rework each image using experimental techniques. Each experiment will only be printed once, so the edition would be 1/1, or an original photographic print! Above are some raw tests using the same image multiple times with no digital editing!

Street Photography A First Look

I never knew the street was such a magical place. It was not until I saw the documentary Finding Vivian Maier that I decided to try my hand at photographing moments "out in the wild" of people I have never met. Maier's photos are so beautiful and have a graceful ease that I greatly admire. It is much harder than it seems to capture a moment like this. The funny thing is I am starting to see more and more of these moments happening right in front of me. I just had to become aware and pay attention. I can see that speed and anticipating situations are just a couple of things I need to work on as this journey plays out. As for now, I am getting more exercise than normal, testing some old film cameras, and meeting some interesting people.

*This image was shot on 35mm Kodak BW 400 Color Negative Film in a Miranda Sensorex camera.

Bainbridge Island Farmers Market - 2016

Bainbridge Island Farmers Market - 2016

Favorite Facebook Group for Classical Art Inspiration

If you need a bit of inspiration from master painters, but don't have any museums or art books handy, check out this facebook group: Hi Resolution Paintings and Close Ups!

People are posting high resolution paintings of all sorts, (portraits, landscapes, still life...etc). Some of them are so detailed you can see each individual stroke of paint! I like to check the page at least once a week as there is plenty of new work to see. ~ Enjoy!

Paint Out Poulsbo 2016

A few weeks ago I participated in the Paint Out Poulsbo event hosted by Peninsula Music and Arts Society. I entered in the profession category, which meant I had three days to complete a 16x20 inch painting. I chose to work from a photo I had taken inside Sandy’s Barber Shop on Bainbridge Island. It has a very classic vibe and the colors on the interior lent itself to a nice painting. Through photos, I was able to capture some really nice gestures of the figures as well.

I started planning and thinking out the painting in my mind prior to the event because I knew all of my energy would need to be spent covering the entire canvas in paint. I tried out a new idea, which helped me a great deal once I was ready to lay in the color of the piece. I printed out two black and white images of the scene, one on top of the other. (I used the same two images so one would be free of paint and easily used as a tonal reference.) On the top image I very loosely mapped out what colors would go where. I also made some mixing notes along the edge. Another key to finishing this painting in time for the exhibition was using copal dryer mixed with my white paint.

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